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The Company

Pierre Boullmer Estates Ltd is a private and independent company, represents three generations of experience in the pursuit of excellence of high quality products, investing in, manufacturing and adding value to, rare and beautiful agricultural products and marketing them world wide.

The Company's Mission statement is as follows for the Pierre Boullmer brand.

"Exclusive in design and quality but not in price"

To develop and expand Pierre Boullmer brand internationally to epitomise the very best in luxury French quality products, to do this in a innovative way that allows us no compromise on design and style and enables us to pass on to the consumer the very best in quality at affordable prices.

Pierre Boullmer in addition to being a leading Cognac and Champagne name is also positioning itself as a life style brand for the very discerning and has a growing reputation for quality and luxury that is among the very best in the world in terms of quality and value.

Other products such as certain unique and special wines, clothing, perfume and acccessories are under consideration. We are all the time looking to develop our interests in these areas particularly if we can clearly identify tangible health benefit to the consumer.

Many of the our products are displayed at leading hotels resturants and travel and retail outlets in Europe, America with emphasis on Paris, London, Rome and New York.

This policy is being extended throughout Central America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, China and the Far East.

If you would like to discuss any of the above developments with us we are always interested in adding to our growing number of business friends world wide.

Why not send us a e-mail md@pierreboullmer.com ?



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