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What is different ?


We have a complete range of Aperitif and Digestive Cognacs.

They are all unique and to celebrate this , we have introduced a new design and shaped bottle richly enamelled in keeping with the high quality brand image.

The range is chic and elegant but young and classical designed for people of all ages and backgrounds who have one thing in common that they want the best that money can buy, love innovative design, enjoy Cognac but want good value.

Pierre Boullmer Cognac is a 100% produced, aged and bottled in France close to the River Charente in Cognac and is the result of blending very rare distillations of white wine which have been lovingly aged in oak barrels capturing a wonderful bouquet of apricot, vine flower, nut, honey and vanilla.



• Capacity of over 2 million bottles a year and ability to guarantee consistancy of quality.

Clear labelling this is very important to us, as it makes statement about our company, our approach and our cognac. We use no internal company names or labels, descriptions; only those that have been approved by the Appellations or are those that are easily recognisable, understandable by the consumer such as VS, VSOP and XO. This insures that our customers are guaranteed and fully protected not only of origin but also many other basic cognac guarantees, manufacture, double distilled and aging minimums in oak barrel with guarantees for VS at 2 years, VSOP for 4 years and 6 years for XO.

This aging is fully guaranteed by our company and the Appellations Controlee of Cognac and Grand Champagne Cognac.

We make it very clear what you are buying, every type is extra age, the VS is above 4years, VSOP above 8 years, the XO over 30 years, very low levels of natural sugar and no additional artificial sugar. Our extra age Cognacs means extra quality and extra value our VS and VSOP and XO exceed the Appellations minimum guarantees many times over.

Fully co-ordinated designed bottles in beautiful round tactile bottles, long lasting and richly enamelled for a high impact presentation to enhance any home or bar no paper labels are use so we can ship in confidience world wide.

Light and elegant with high feel good factor that appeals to all ages and looks good in the very best Hotels and Restaurants, Holiday resorts & Discos and Casinos, and Duty Free.

Aperitif Cognacs specially developed extra age VS & VSOP Aperitif Cognacs designed to release fruity and flowery aroma's when in contact with water and ice their extra age means they perform well and are designed to be diluted with water and or ice for aperitifs or accompanied with food.

Digestive Cognacs a full range of rare pure Grand Champagne XO digestive Cognacs that are very old and mellow digestive XO Cognacs that are Extra Strength and with a special long extra taste. They include a rare XO Premier Grand Cru, unique Millésime and Very Old Cognacs wonderful with cheese desserts, coffee cigars but delicate enough to enhance strong tasting or spicy food.

Special world wide back up of promotional offers on our web site for two and three full sized travel packs that ensure you can get your Pierre Boullmer Cognacs any time and anywhere you want.

Pierre Boullmer Cognac is a world beating Cognac and has been warmly received all over the world, highlighted by the international press. Communication is important to us whether we are keeping in contact through our web site with regular updates or though trade and consumer shows and magazines. We are always interested to hear your news and comments on our products and site.

So why not send us a e-mail or sign in and tell us what you think and what you are interested in ?



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