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What's New For Pierre Boullmer ?

Now available and only available through our web site specially selected bottles from our Grand Champage XO by our "Maître de Chai"


Premier Grand Cru XO


Cognac presentation :
Bottle of 700ml size - alc Vol 42%.
Over 30 years old, richly enamelled, hand engraved with limited edition number "Premier Grand Cru".

Specially reserved and selected bottles from our Grande Champagne XO by our "Maître de Chai".
A very special gift which needs no further words to celebrate the very best in your life and reflect on the best yet to come.

More details available on request


Premier Grand Cru XO
Grande Champagne XO Millésime 1963

Cognac presentation :

Soon to be over 40 years old.
Bottle of 700 ml size alc vol 42% richly enamelled, hand engraved with limited edition number " Millésime 1963 ".

To remember an amazing year - 1963 a unique year in the 60's.
A time of creativity in music and art with great hope for the future with some sad and poignant memories. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, birth of a child , memories shared with close friends.

More details available on request


Grande Champagne XO Millésime1963


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