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Premier Grand Cru XO- Award winning Cognac -


Cognac presentation:
Bottle of 700ml - Richly enamalled & hand engraved.

Chic and classical - 42° alcohol extra strength, low sugar.
30 years and above.

Premier Grand Cru, there is only one. It has to made from grapes that are from 100% Pure Grand Champagne and to qualify for this name it is specially analysed and registered as this quality is.
This is the ultimate cognac and there are no other XO cognacs under the Appellation of Grand Champagne which can be described in this way other than the Premier Grand Cru of all Cognacs and is only given to the very best.

•  Colour : golden brown brilliant.
•  Nose : woody, round, well balanced, deep in aromas, the honey is followed by the cream, nuts, tobacco leaves "liquorish".
•  Mouth : great full balanced and rich, some aromas, as the nose very long aftertaste.
Conclusion : a very typical Grande Champagne X.O. well structured and rich, which has enough personality to be married with a cigar.

A unsurpassable compliment to your guest, your loved ones, family and close friends to celebrate with.

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